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The Directors Cut
The Directors Cut

The Directors Cut

The Directors Cut

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About Us

The Directors Cut was born from passion for film and photography; by brothers Amit J and Kamal J. With over ten years of experience they now employ a modern and effective approach for each production. Training members of their team to be as creative and structured is at the core of their philosophy. Ensuring an excellent work ethic and best possible capture, in order to deliver The Director’s Cut.

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What Is The Directors Cut?
“The Directors Cut” is the edited version of your wedding representing the Directors own approved edit. Our trained specialists bring together true creativity from planning, structure and capture through to editing and album design. Each member of our production team work closely with the Directors and are highly skilled at artistically composing those special moments for your wedding day.

Team integration forms a core part of our training, ensuring our photographers and cinematographers come together on the day and fit in with you, your families and guests for best capture. Dressed in smart uniform and communicating through wireless earpieces, our team is able to coordinate behind the scenes and position themselves discretely avoiding any overcrowding during key moments.

Each production typically involves 4 crew members (2 Photographers and 2 Cinematographers) in order to achieve an immersive and engaging set of photos and video, skilfully shot from varying angles and expertise. With the Chief Editor planning sequences for your cinematic trailer and photography, our post production process has already begun. It is the process of reviewing and refining the final products with Amit & Kamal which creates “The Directors Cut”

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